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Modern Opulence and Timeless Design - The Monroe

Classic. Timeless. Stunning. Elegant.

These are all words I would use to describe The Monroe in West Des Moines upon entering this gorgeous, newly renovated wedding venue. From the clean, classic lines of the paneled trim in the ballroom to the clean lines of the beams in the chapel, the classic brick in the courtyard and the moody tones of the getting ready spaces, this space has it all. I was stunned at the beauty and versatility contained in this venue, and I can't recommend it or the on site host, Gracie, enough. Not only is the space warm and inviting, but Gracie matches this perfectly.

Catering to weddings of up to 200 guests, the space is grand and bold while also being bright and welcoming. The bar area absolute perfection, and the details of the space are truly gorgeous. The venue also contains an on-site prep kitchen, ample parking for all your guests.

To tour The Monroe and learn more about the venue, click here, and be sure to tell Gracie hi for me!


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