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Hey, I 'm Amanda!

I'm on a mission to freeze moments of love, joy, and pure emotion through the lens of my camera. With a heart full of sentimentality and a passion for creating bold and vibrant imagery, I consider it a privilege to document the stories of couples and families in the most beautiful and authentic way possible.

Behind the camera, I'm not your typical photographer—I'm a bit of a nerd at heart that also has a deep-seeded love of sports and all things true crime!

I firmly believe that every love story is unique and deserves to be told with vivid colors, genuine emotions, and a sprinkle of magic. From the quiet whispers to the bursts of laughter, I aim to capture the essence of your connection in a way that reflects your personalities and the love you share.

Beyond the lens, you'll find me spending time with my family, attending or teaching a kickboxing class at my local gym, or immersed in a baseball game or the latest Marvel movie. But when I'm behind the camera, I'm dedicated to ensuring your moments are preserved with an artistic flair and a touch of my nerdy enthusiasm.

Let's embark on this creative journey together and craft imagery that not only tells your story but also celebrates your quirks, your passions, and the beautiful bonds that bring you together. Get ready for a fun-filled and memorable experience because, with me, your photography session won't just be about capturing moments—it'll be an adventure!

I can't wait to meet you and begin this exciting visual storytelling journey.


My Why

Photographs are invaluable in preserving our lineage, serving as visual storytellers that bridge generations. These snapshots of moments past hold immense importance in my family's history, offering a tangible connection to our ancestors. They weave a narrative of our heritage, enabling me to witness the joys, challenges, and pivotal moments that shaped my lineage. Leafing through these images brings forth a profound nostalgia, fostering conversations and breathing life into the stories of the past. They serve as a testament to the resilience and love that define my family, fostering a deep appreciation for the legacies passed down through these visual keepsakes.

In my personal life, photographs are cherished treasures, encapsulating cherished memories and marking the passage of time. Each image represents a fragment of my own journey, reflecting growth, relationships, and experiences that shape my identity. Whether stored in albums or digitally, these snapshots serve as a reservoir of emotions, transporting me back to moments of joy, love, and companionship. They stand not just as pictures but as vivid reminders of the connections and moments that hold immense value in my life.

Places I've Been

I've had the incredible opportunity to travel for a number of weddings and engagements throughout my decade+ career. From the shores of Alabama to the evergreen forests of Washington state, I've been able to create magic for my couples in gorgeous, unique locations. I look forward to even more of this in the years to come!

My Location Bucket List




New England



My Favorite Things

FAVORITE SPORT: Baseball! I'm a Cubs girl through and through, but I genuinely love the game and will watch regardless of who's playing.   

FAVORITE TEAMS: Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Vikings, Iowa State Cyclones   

FAVORITE TV: The Great British Baking Show, anything Marvel, Bluey, Disney movies   

FAVORITE SUPERHEROS: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Buffy Summers   

GUILTY PLEASURE: Scrolling TikTok while eating ice cream in bed

DRINKS OF CHOICE: Vanilla Iced Coffee (year round), Cherry Slush Alani

YEARS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER: 16 - And that number still shocks me!     

FAVORITE DESTINATION: The Pacific Northwest, specifically Multnomah Falls   

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